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Master of Arts in Theology

Christ College

追求高级神学学术研究, professional, 康考迪亚大学欧文分校神学硕士(MA)课程的个人发展. A confessional, orthodox, and missional university, we take seriously the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian faithfulness without compromising academic integrity. 每一个研究生神学课程都是从一个特定的角度来教授的. Ours is a biblical one.

The Master’s in Theology degree is delivered through a “blended” instructional approach that offers flexibility for distance learners who live outside of the Orange County area. Blended instructional models are growing in popularity because adult students appreciate periodic face-to-face classroom connection times while being able to complete coursework primarily online. That means less time on campus, more time online, 以及将继续教育融入家庭的灵活性, family, and work life.

来自各种基督教教派的学生在我们的研究生课程中茁壮成长, 在顶尖大学获得博士学位和教授职位, publishing books, and successfully serving in ministry.

32 Units
2.5 Years Completion
$630 cost per unit
Online Delivery

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Program Highlights

  • Academic master's degree. 设计为艺术硕士课程,而不是神学院的神学硕士(M.Div.) curriculum, our MA in Theology is a 32-unit degree, 类似于大多数其他学术硕士学位课程.
  • 扎实的课程基础和具体的应用. 神学硕士课程的核心是补充了可定制的重点, electives, guided readings, 和论文研究,以满足您的特殊需求和兴趣.
  • 实时在线和面对面教学. 我们的大部分课程都是现场授课, real-time online format, 使您能够在不搬迁的情况下注册该计划.
  • 方便安排校园暑期集训. 暑期课程在校内进行,为期九天, 使我们的远程学生花时间在我们美丽的校园有意义的经验.
  • Committed faculty of scholar-teachers. 你将由致力于忠实圣经教导的教授教导和指导, to the historical Christian faith, to life in Christ’s Church, and to the life of the intellect.
  • No specific major or GRE requirement. We believe that your aptitude for graduate-level study can be determined without the need for a more general examination. 因此,我们的项目不需要GRE成绩.
  • 开放给所有宗教信仰的合格学生. 不管你的背景和宗教信仰如何, you will be welcomed, respected, and challenged to think, reflect, and learn in our program.

Program Timelines

由于灵活性和定制程序的能力, contact an admissions counselor 讨论即将开始的日期和如何计划你的课程. The MA program generally runs for a 15-week term during the fall and spring semesters and for a 9-day summer intensive.

如果你想获得认证 Cross-Cultural Ministry Center 或其他由路德教会-密苏里教会监督的项目, there may be different term lengths to understand within your expanded coursework beyond the MA in Theology.

Start Term Term Dates
Fall August 21, 2023 - December 15, 2023
Spring January 8, 2024 - May 3, 2024
Summer May 13, 2024 - August 23, 2024

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Customizable Emphases

你可以选择一个与基督教教育领导相关的重点, Director of Christian Education, Research in Theology, Servant Leadership, or Theology and Culture. 另外,你可能会对像 Apologetics 哪些课程在特定的学期提供. 在核心课程中,有很多选择可以定制你的学术计划, your chosen emphasis area, and available electives. 如果你不确定如何规划重点或选修课, 招生顾问可以帮助你确定你的个人学术计划.

Online Delivery

我们的大部分课程都是现场授课, real-time online format, 使您能够在不搬迁的情况下注册该计划. 课堂在配备智能板和数据投影的高科技教室上课, enhanced microphones, and acoustical conditioning to better facilitate interaction of classroom participants with distance participants.

Summer Intensives

In the online Theology master’s program, even distance learners are required to take a minimum of two classes on site; however, 可以选择参加夏季强化课程,在9天内完成课程, 你可以在继续学习的同时管理你的事工和日程安排. You might even want to use a summer intensive course as a reason to take a vacation in beautiful southern California, 你可以在网上完成剩下的课程.

Faculty Spotlight

Our professors strive to achieve faithful excellence in church and society and to cultivate these values in their students. Every faculty member is published, 他们都有实际的事工经验——许多是在跨文化环境中. 班级规模通常为10-20名学生, 您将有机会在亚洲体育博彩平台社区中密切研究神学. 基督学院的教授随时为你服务,并致力于你的发展.

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Admission Requirements


  1. Provide one official transcript that shows a confirmed bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. Submit a statement of intent.
  3. 提供至少两份专业推荐信.


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